Teachers’ Expectations of Their Colleagues and Students


  • Marina Sergeevna Myshkina Samara National Research University

Ключевые слова:

social images, social expectations, structure of pedagogical activity, time factor, action component, place control, relation component


The paper presents interim results of a larger research of schoolteachers’ expectations of their colleagues and students as the main participants of educational process. This research direction makes it possible to discover the resources of constructive professional interaction among teachers, schoolchildren and their parents that is conductive to mutual development. The teacher’s expectations of colleagues quite clearly reflect the structure of the teacher’s educational activity, including a complete image, which is more varied in the social and existential space and in the repertoire of activities and which is quite fully represented in the time perspective, as compared to the image produced by the teacher’s expectations of the pupils.




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Myshkina, M. S. (2017). Teachers’ Expectations of Their Colleagues and Students. Социальные явления, (1(4), 33–41. извлечено от http://journal.socialphenomena.org/index.php/soph/article/view/48



Expectations of the Individual as a Part of Pedagogical Process