Think Tanks: Principles, Technologies and Working Methods

Yana V. Shchetinskaya, Samara State University

Recommended Citation:
Shchetinskaya, Yana V. (2012) ‘Think Tanks: Principles, Technologies and Working Methods‘, Social Phenomena. 2012 1(1), pp. 68-74.


The study of the activity of think tanks in modern developed countries is presented. The role of think tanks in implementing the states’ public policy as well as the significance of the organizations in political decision-making is emphasized. The example of American think tanks is used to show the activity principles of this type of research institutes; their methods of work are analyzed. It is stressed that decentralization and branched structure of think tanks makes it possible for them to incorporate plenty of research departments and highly qualified staff. It is concluded that by resolving relevant problems and promoting public interests the organizations are able to strengthen democracy.

Keywords: think tanks, public policy, decentralization.

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