State Sovereignty Restriction: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Kseniya I. Olenina, Samara State University

Recommended Citation:
Olenina, Kseniya I.(2012) ‘State Sovereignty Restriction: Two Sides of the Same Coin‘, Social Phenomena. 2012 1(1), pp. 62-68.


The study of the problem of the restriction of the state sovereignty under the existing world order is presented. It is stressed that the modern world political system is characterized by a struggle between two opposing tendencies: to strengthen the sovereignty and to restrict it. The practice of limitating sovereignty includes two processes: voluntary transfer of sovereign powers to supranational entities and external coercion to comply with a wide range of international obligations. It is emphasized that voluntariness is the determinental factor in the process of reducing the powers by the states in order to acquire some extra benefits.

Keywords: state sovereignty, restriction of the state sovereignty, world political system.

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