Russia: A Dictatorship or a Democracy?

Anastasiya A. Benderskaya, Tver State University

Recommended Citation:
Benderskaya, Anastasiya A. (2012) ‘Russia: A Dictatorship or a Democracy?‘, Social Phenomena. 2012 1(1), pp. 52-55.


The study of the type of government in Russia is presented. The concepts of “democracy” and “dictatorship” are analyzed; empirical definitions of the terms based on their perception by ordinary citizens are given. It is emphasized that democratic regime does not exclude stability and strong power. It is concluded that democracy is always a more effective type of government. The immature society as an obstacle to democracy is not the basis to dictatorship, but rather it os a problem that requires urgent measures from the government. A number of reasons inhibiting the development of democracy in Russia are formulated, including the contradiction of democracy to the basic human instinct – the ambition for power over other people, lack of experience of democracy in the history of our country, a significant improvement of standards of living in comparison with the 1990s.

Keywords: democracy, dictatorship, strong power.

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