The Phantom of Foolishness or A. S. Griboyedov as a Mirror of New Reality

Aleksey V. Nechaev, Institute for Research on Social Phenomena

Recommended Citation:
MLA Nechaev, Aleksey V. “‘The Phantom of Foolishness or A. S. Griboyedov as a Mirror of New Reality.” Social Phenomena. 2016 3(6), pp.  32-50.

The paper argues that the statement of universal foolishness is illusory and formally fallacious. The author sees the objective social ground for this error in the multiplication of social realities, in which the subjects undertake their activity, as well as in the connected processes of individualization of activity-based structures of consciousness. The play of A. S. Groboyedov and other literary works are used in the paper as models of reality.

Keywords: activity, activity-based structure of consciousness, individualization of consciousness, public consciousness, thinking, subjective social reality, phantom, foolishness, fools

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