Social Expectations as an Element of Ideology and a Determinant of the Social Status of the Subject (Gender Aspect)

Elena Yu. Vinogradova, Institute for Research on Social Phenomena

Recommended Citation:
Vinogradova, Elena Yu. (2016) ‘Social Expectations as an Element of Ideology and a Determinant of the Social Status of the Subject (Gender Aspect)’, Social Phenomena. 2016 2(5), pp. 58-64.

The paper contains an analysis of the ways the dominant ideology leads to definite social expectations and as a consequence determines social practices. The cases are studied, which make it possible to trace this process in gender-marked relation systems (the construction of the social status of a mother-woman) as well as in a broader context. The interrelation is determined between the private practices of the subject and the change in the subject’s social status.

Keywords: social expectations, ideology, social practices, gender-marked relation systems, social status of a woman.

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