“Penelopes of Postomodernity”: Models of Active Waiting in Transnational Families of Ukrainian Migrant Women

Alissa V. Tolstokorova, independent researcher

Recommended Citation:
Tolstokorova, Alissa V. (2016) ‘“Penelopes of Postomodernity”: Models of Active Waiting in Transnational Families of Ukrainian Migrant Women‘, Social Phenomena. 2016 2(5), pp. 23-32.

The goal of this paper is tо study the models of active waiting in transnational families of Ukrainian migrant women as a performance which can either bolster or hamper the reunification of the family after the completion of migration cycle. A narrower objective of the paper is the deconstruction of a view on waiting as a passive process and the advancement of its conceptualization as active social interaction. The conclusions are based on the results of field research. The paper describes the models of active waiting practiced by the husbands of migrant women staying at home: “househusbands”, “distant director’s deputy”, “both for myself and for another guy”, and by grandmothers left behind: “squirrel in a wheel”.

Keywords: ukrainian migrant women, transnational family, active waiting, penelopes of postmodernity, paradox of reverse dependency.

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