Aleksey V. Nechaev, Institute for Research on Social Phenomena, Samara, Russia

Recommended Citation:
MLA Nechaev, Aleksey V. “About Activity – Indeed.” Social Phenomena.  2(5) (2016): 5-22.

The article focuses on the definition of the notion ‘activity’ and explores its differentiation from the notions ‘action’, ‘behaviour’ and the Russian ‘aktivnost’. The modal and objective aspects of activity are distinguished. Social activity is understood in the paper as a special type of activity, the essential features of its realisation are described. The mechanism of alienation of social activity is described, it is based on the necessary indirectness of social activity. The proposed conception is used for distinguishing between the phenomena of activity and inactivity.

Keywords: activity, social activity, alienation of activity, indirectness of activity, delayed action, inactivity.


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