Expectations in Elderly People’s Being

Evgeniya A. Pesina, Institute for Research on Social Phenomena

Recommended Citation:
Pesina, Evgeniya A. (2016) ‘Expectations in Elderly People’s Being’, Social Phenomena. 2016 1(4), pp. 79-84.

The paper dwells on the issue of elderly people’s being represented through the prism of expectations. Particular attention is paid to the topic of aging. The nature of this process and the approaches to its understanding are thoroughly studied. The paper emphasizes the importance of understanding aging as a social phenomenon, which occurs as a result of the termination of the individual’s social activity of self-production and of the production of one’s reality. The paper provides an overview of the foreign literature devoted to the study of elderly people’s expectations. A hypothesis about the interdependence of expectations and social activity of the individual is posited.

Keywords: expectation, social activity, elderly people, aging.

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