The Part of Social Institutions in the System of Expectations of Society for the Development of an Individual

Anna A. Proskurina, Institute for Research on Social Phenomena

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Proskurina, Anna A. (2015) ‘The Part of Social Institutions in the System of Expectations of Society for the Development of an Individual’, Social Phenomena. 2015 1(3), pp. 22-31.

The study of the role of social institutions in the system of expectations for the case of expectations for the development of an individual is presented. Theoretical foundations of the research are the theory of social institutions of Douglas North and the conception of expectations of Aleksey Nechaev. The part of expectations in the social processes is determined taking into account the objectivity of collective social agents. The role of the state in forming expectations and its place in the system of expectations is demonstrated. The Constitutions of Denmark, Germany, France, Soviet Union and Russian Federations were used as research data.

Keywords: expectations, social institutions, development of individual.


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