Social Expectations and Hope

Yulia O. ChernoivanenkoMariam M. Valiahmetova, Institute for Research on Social Phenomena

Recommended Citation:
Chernoivanenko, Yulia O., Valiahmetova, Mariam M. (2015) ‘Social Expectations and Hope’, Social Phenomena. 2015 1(3), pp. 41-45.

The concepts of expectations and hope are often confused in scientific literature, this makes it difficult to study the phenomena. In the article an attempt to differentiate the phenomena is made. Both these processes exist solely in the framework of social environment; and a person as a social creature doesn’t act only as a carrier of hopes and expectations as these phenomena also require actions from the subject. Nevertheless, the differences between the concepts are significant. Expectations are mediated as their object always belongs to the environment and doesn’t directly depend on the subject. Hopes can be focused both on the elements of the environment and on the needs of the individual. The main differentiation criterion for these concepts is the presence of emotional experience, which has the function of support for the person in his / her hope.

Keywords: hope, emotional experience, expectation.

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