The Influence of Hip-Hop Subculture on the Aims of the Younger Generation

Irina A. Tryakina, Samara State University, Samara, Russia

Recommended Citation:
Tryakina, Irina A. (2013) ‘The Influence of Hip-Hop Subculture on the Aims of the Younger Generation‘, Social Phenomena. 2013 1(2), pp. 100-106.


This article investigates the phenomena of precedence in the Russian hip-hop culture, their sources in the foreign hip-hop texts and the expression of the cognitive aims of the singer through these intertextual units. The influence of hiphop music lyrics on the cultural development of Russian young people in general is emphasised. A detailed context analysis is done to determine the major sources of foreign phenomena of precedence and their functions in the Russian hip-hop lyrics. The conclusion is made about the relevance of a deeper study of modern subcultures and their language expression, as they have direct influence on the development of the cultural consciousness of the younger generation.

Keywords: hip-hop culture, musical precedent phenomenon, subculture.

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