Literary Image as the Basis of Social Transformations

Anastasia P. Korchagina, Tver State University, Tver, Russia

Recommended Citation:
Korchagina, Anastasia P. (2013) ‘Literary Image as the Basis of Social Transformations‘, Social Phenomena. 2013 1(2), pp. 56-59. 


The article investigates the influence of futuristic literature on the society. Fiction and scientific literature are analyzed. The conclusion is made that utopian literature contributed to the appearance of revolutionary ideas. In the industrial epoch utopian literature lost its popularity. The more popular in the 20th and 21 st cent. dystopias serve as a warning against the possible negative consequences of ill-considered reforms.

Keywords: literary image, literary images influence on society, social transformations, utopia, futurism, literature’s impact.

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