Customs Control as a Factor of Material Flows in Supply Chains: Development Scenarios

Dmitry M. Kolchugin, Ulyanovsk State University, Ulyanovsk, Russia

Recommended Citation:
Kolchugin, Dmitry M. (2013) ‘Customs Control as a Factor of Material Flows in Supply Chains: Development Scenarios‘, Social Phenomena. 2013 1(2), pp. 71-77.


The paper proposes the development scenarios of the system of customs administration, including the ‘pessimistic’ and the ‘optimistic’ ones. The characteristic features of each scenario are described. The first scenario is to unfold, if the currently existing problems and contradictions in the customs control system remain. Thus, it is necessary to enhance the customs control for the second scenario to be enacted. For unfolding the second scenario the model of ‘the Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade’ is proposed. The positive sides of the model for the participants in economic and foreign trade activities as well as for the customs authorities are emphasized.

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