Social Phenomena №1 (2012)

Social Phenomena. 2012. № 1.

Theme of the issue: Modern strategies of social change


V. Dobrobaba Russia without Corruption: Utopia or Reality?

E. Komarova Strategies of Innovative Development: Scenario for Russia

A. Benderskaya Russia: A Dictatorship or a Democracy?

K. Pikovskaya The Formation of Russia’s Image in the United States (1991-2008): The Problems of Positioning and Perception

K. Olenina State Sovereignty Restriction: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Y. Shchetinskaya Think Tanks: Principles, Technologies and Working Methods

E. Dovbysh Business, Municipal Authorities and Community: Institutionalization of Relations

V. Enikeev The Influence of Corruption on the Development of Democracy in China During the Rule of Chiang Kai-Shek

S. Shafatova Social Changes in China: Problems and Perspectives

E. Kolesnikova The Role Of Religious And Political Component In Social Changes

A. Maltseva The Forms and Benefits of Commercialization Of Intellectual Property

A. Pimashin The Transformation of Serbian Society in the Context of Changes in the State’s Foreign Policy Strategy

R. Petrov The Change of Global Socio-Cultural Strategies

Yu. Sokolovskiy The System and the Personality. Their Struggle and Alliance within the Social Progress

A. Prozorova The Issue of Interaction between the Government and the Civil Society through the Internet

L. Shekhovtseva Blogosphere as an Instrument for Political Brands Promotion

N. Smirnova Information Technologies as a Factor of Social Changes