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Theme of the issue: Giftedness: the conditions and factors.

Over the past few decades giftedness has become part of state policies in many countries due to the growing awareness of it as a valuable resource of social development. Giftedness is a special social phenomenon, yet most of the time it is studied as a psychic quality determining the person’s ability to successfully perform certain activities and achieve outstanding results.

Among other constructs of giftedness is the one developed as part of the idea of the free will that extends to the person’s freedom to develop his/her abilities, to achieve an ideal, even if these abilities are initially innate, given as a gift. Natural, divine, as well as environmental preconditions will be considered as determinants of giftedness development, conceptualized as the influence of the physical and social environment, learning and upbringing opportunities.

The empirical psychological research conducted in different countries provides evidence that giftedness has the quality of developing over the course of the person’s life; the educational environment factor interacts with unique genetic characteristics resulting in striking individual differences in learning abilities, motivation, and progress in certain areas. Thus, the abilities may fail to appear in the absence of certain external conditions. On the other hand, the identification and development of a child’s giftedness even at an early age does not necessarily mean that at the end of education the nurtured giftedness will persist and reach its highest level.

We welcome scholars and practitioners to join us in a joint search for and the discussion of the conditions and factors that affect the development of giftedness.

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