Invitation to submit an article to International Research Journal – Social Phenomena №2 (2017)

Theme of the issue: The Opposition of the Individual and the Social in Social Phenomena

In proposing to discuss the individual and the social, we would like to turn the researchers’ attention to two groups of synonyms: singular, particular, private, personal, individual – on the one hand; and general, common, communal, social, public, collective – on the other hand. The fundamental notions “the individual” and “the social” are present in various forms in every social sphere and reflect the basic phenomena of social reality. Their forms of realization include personality and collective, individual and collective consciousness, private and public spheres of people’s lives, various forms of property and types of goods, etc. The existence of these mutually opposed phenomena is not only reflected in language, it is also fixed in all forms of collective consciousness.

In many cases, the individual and the social in social reality are considered antagonists, mutually exclusive phenomena. Consider, for example, the concepts of personality-oriented and collectivist pedagogics, or individualism and collectivism in politics and economics, etc. We believe normative approaches to the study of this opposition to be unproductive at present. Instead it is useful to investigate those qualities of social phenomena that emerge from their individual vs. social nature, or those qualities resulting from the realization of social phenomena in private vs. public sphere. We expect the conference papers address these general issues. The papers should not limit their object to one side of this dichotomy; they should contain an analysis of differences within this opposition.

These issue of the individual and the social can be addressed within different fields of science, hence we invite representatives of the all branches of Humanities and Social Sciences to join the discussion.

Publication terms and conditions:

— an article must meet the substantive and formal requirements of the journal;
— before the approval, a preliminary discussion of an article will take place in the context of a conference, which is conducted by the Institute for Research on Social Phenomena in October 2017 (see more detailes on the organizer’s website)
— publication in the journal and participation in the conference is free of charge.

Important dates

5 October 2017 – deadline for applications and submission of abstracts;
15 October 2017 – notification of authors about the acceptance of abstracts;
17 – 25 October 2017 – discussion of abstracts online;
27 – 28 October 2017 – Conference Events.