Instructions for Authors submitting their manuscripts to International Research Journal – Social Phenomena

Manuscripts submitted for publication should contain either new information in the description of the research subject and new findings (new explanation) or already known facts and new findings (new explanation) that have not been published before.

The article structure can be different, however as a rule it should include the following elements:

  • description of research subject and research problem statement,
  • an overview of the previously made research dedicated to the problem and a rationale for its further investigation,
  • description of research data,
  • analysis of the research subject or problem in line with the chosen objectives,
  • the main thesis or hypothesis of the problem solution,
  • detailed argumentation of the thesis,
  • division of the manuscript text into clear logical parts,
  • conclusions based on research findings.

The theme of the submitted manuscript should comply with the issue of the journal.

Technical requirements

  • Only previously unpublished articles are accepted for publication,
  • Keep the length of your manuscript between 14,000 and 27,000 characters including spaces (about 8-15 pages A4),
  • References are placed in square brackets [Surname year volume, page], e.g. [Bakhtin 1945, 23].
  • The abstract should briefly but clearly describe research problem, research subject, methods and findings of the study. The abstract should be 900-1,000 characters long including spaces.
  • Requirements for tables, charts, diagrams, images.

The authors are encouraged to avoid using tables, charts, diagrams and images in their manuscripts unless it is the only way to express your ideas! If you have to use tables, diagrams or images, please, submit them as separate files, do not include them in the text of your manuscript.

Tables are to be submitted as Microsoft Excel (xls), charts and diagrams are drawn in Microsoft Graph, and submitted in a Word (doc) or Exсel (xls) file. All the files should be available for editing. Images are to be submitted in jpg format (resolution 300 dpi or higher). Please, make sure that the information in your charts, diagrams or images can be perceived correctly in black-and-white format and can be placed on a A5 page in portrait layout.